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Every year the friendly folks at Cranberry Tree Farm generously donates their unsold Christmas trees to the Conservators' Center. For the first couple years only the tree farm employees and the Center's staff and volunteers participated in our annual Tree Toss. In 2010 we invited the public to join the fun. The event sold out and the feedback was so wonderful we offered 2 event dates in 2011. Both sold out!

Each year about 300 visitors join us over the 2 event dates to watch our lions, tigers, and leopards destroy their trees by wrestling with them, rolling around on them, and chewing them to shreds. The Tree Toss raises about $5,000 for the Conservators' Center, which is an incredible testament to the community's support for our animals.

The Tree Toss has become a heartwarming partnership between Cranberry Tree Farm and the Conservators' Center. We hope you will purchase a tree from them to brighten your holidays, and that when you trim it you will imagine the pleasure our big cats receive from such fragrant toys.

Photos by: Chariot Creative


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